Landscape Aquagation is a certified KRAIN contractor bringing their professional products to your home.  We are committed to installing the most recent energy/water sufficient products in our systems.

• Installation    • Irrigation Design    • Spring Startup    • Summer Inspection    • Winterization


Landscape Aquagation proudly uses and trust K-rain products in our systems. Some systems do differ from certain types of products we may use to best suit the situation some of our more common products are:


The RPS75 gear drive is designed for basic residential and light commercial applications and is a direct replacement for Hunter® PGP® rotors. The reversing mechanism, a K-Rain patented feature, is the same mechanism used in the Hunter® PGP®

K-Rain Pro-S Spray
The K-Rain Pro-S line of sprays is distinguished by its robust construction, rugged body and cap, co-molded seal and heavy-duty retraction spring.

A contemporary reliable piston-driven diaphragm makes the PROSERIES 100 Valve the perfect choice for dirty water applications. PROSERIES 100 Valves are designed to provide superior flow rates with minimal pressure loss due to the unique straight through flow path. It has both an internal bleed and external bleed in addition to flow control. It can be piped with 1 pipe in the inside of the inlet or 1-1/4 coupling over the outside of the inlet.

ESP-SMT Smart Controller
Want your automatic sprinkler system to schedule watering based on how much and how hard it rains?
Let a ESP-SMT Smart Control System do the work for you!

With the ESP-SMT Smart Control System, you get the intuitiveness of trusted Extra Simple Programming with the accuracy of weather based control—ultimately saving you even more time, money and water.

• Schedules Watering Based on your Weather Conditions
The ESP-SMT is the only smart controller that measures rainfall by accumulation and intensity to adjust your watering schedule to prevent under- or over-watering.

• Brings the Quality of Golf Course Systems to Your Home
Gain the same precise and sophisticated technology that keeps golf courses looking lush all season.

• Delivers Water Where and When You Need It
Details like soil type, the slope of your lawn, and sun exposure are calculated for every area of your lawn and landscape to enhance your grass and plants while saving water and reducing runoff.

• Makes Upgrading Your Existing ESP Controller Easy
If your current system uses Rain Bird’s ESP-Modular controller, the switch to Smart Control Technology is simple. The ESP-SMT panel fits the ESP-Modular chassis.